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Nandi Anubhav Kit


Begin your Gau seva journey with our all new Nandi Anubhav kit. "A kit specially curated for everyone to experience the essence of divinity of all our Panchgavya products". Enhance your surroundings and make your Auro more positive with our Agnihotri diya, breath in the fresh, aromatic scents from our Panchgvaya dhoops and discover the holiness with our Pure ghee Candle and Panchgavya Plain diya.

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Category :Pooja Related Products

Stock : 50

One box contains :-

2 Agnihotra ghee diya 

2 Pure ghee T-light candle 

4 Panchgavya Plain diya 

5 Dhoop Sticks 

5 Dhoop cones.

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